Born and raised on a large working farm in rural Pembrokeshire, Jessamy grew up in a family home filled with a sense of the countryside and its people.   Jessamy’s creativity and designs are underpinned by her love of traditional, natural materials and a flair for matching the beauty of rural Britain. 

Jessamy’s designs are as eye-catching as they are original.  Combining form with function, her diverse creations bring both the art and science of natural materials together.  She creates fascinating, tactile and individual pieces for her collections. 

The traditional tweeds, tartans, regimental colours and finest silks that Jessamy uses are all hand-picked.  They are then used to create the highly original, innovative and superbly hand-crafted products that are perfect for a day at the races, a night at the opera or the trip of a lifetime!

A passionate supporter of the countryside, farming and environmental sustainability.  Jessamy’s wood creations remain true to her rural Celtic roots. Her connection with nature and all living things is the key to her creativity with her wood designs.  She finds the innate structure, beauty and design in every piece from every tree.





Jessamy Elmhirst

The dream started many years ago.  It was a dream to create a fun and interesting way to help support charities who dedicate their time to providing funding and experiences for educational purposes.  The importance of a good all-round education from an early age is something on which I have always placed an extremely high value.  I hope that through the work that I do I can help to provide this for those who may not otherwise have the opportunity.

Jessamy Elmhirst making buttons


The company was founded in 2005 under the name Armoire Anglaise.  A kitchen-table business run from a succession of army homes around the country.  The main focus at the time was to provide excellent quality personalised furnishings for children's rooms.

Jessamy Elmhirst ribbon


After seven years of successful trading we took the decision to extend and rebrand the business and Jessamy Elmhirst came into being in 2015.  The company is committed to ecologically friendly and sustainable development and utilises local and UK based sources for raw materials as far as possible.

Rural Wales


We have now relocated back to rural Wales and have used this as an important opportunity to invest in the local area and support some of the fabulous local charities, particularly focusing on education and regeneration for future generations.

Jessamy Elmhirst